A Century of Physics Timeline  easy to navigate clickable timeline with brief explanations of historic physics events from 1890 to the present; sidebar shows political and cultural events that coincided with the scientific discoveries in question

American Institute of Physics exhibits about physics and related fields of study such as cosmology, transistors, optics and sub-atomic particle theory; also exhibits on Curie, Einstien, Lawrence, Heisenberg, Sakharov, Thomson; famous papers by Franklin, Joseph Henry, Michelson, Rowland, Gibbs, Millikan, Compton

Amusement Park Physics a fun way for the young person to learn about physics principles

Creation Museum (near Cincinatti) interactive, all-ages science museum that stresses the biblical Creation accounts

Creation Super Library Creationism website; FAQs about astronomy, dinosaurs, the origins of life and the age of the Earth and the possibility of a universal deluge all harmonized with The Bible

Discovery Institute an inter-disciplinary community of scholars and policy advocates dedicated to the reinvigoration of traditional Western principles and institutions and the worldview from which they issued. Discovery Institute has a special concern for the role that science and technology play in our culture and how they can advance free markets, illuminate public policy and support the theistic foundations of the West.

Flash Animations for Physics dozens of simple but helpful animations on all subjects such as optics, fluid mechanics, sound waves, electricity, oscillation, relativity and chaos theory; requires that your computer run “Flash” media player

How Stuff Works explanations of how a myriad of things (from high-performance sports cars to violins) work

Institute for Creation Research attempts to equip believers with evidence of the Bible’s accuracy and authority through scientific research, educational programs, and media presentations, all conducted within a thoroughly biblical framework; publishes Acts & Facts magazine which reports on current events in science

Intelligent Design Network stresses objectivity and the use of the scientific method without philosophic or religious assumptions in seeking answers to the question: “Where do we come from?”

Internet Modern History Sourcebook Fordham University’s online history of science (from the pre-Socratic philosophers to the present) including many primary sources in full text;  original documents by Copernicus, Galileo, Bacon, Descartes, Voltaire, Newton, Franklin, Harvey, Vesalius, Preistley

Movie Physics fun site that rates current movies based on their physics accuracy

Nobel Prize official website of the Nobel Prize; year-by-year listing of winners in every category; articles that explore the discoveries of those thinkers

94 Visual Phenomena and Optical Illusions explore principles of optics through optical illusion animations Physics Life interactive program to discover physics in the everyday world, Physics evolution clickable map, equation toolbox, common questions, careers

Selected Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry excellent collection of papers about gasses, kinetics, thermodynamics, etc.

Stephen Jay Gould Archive (full text): helpful collection of key books and essays chiefly on natural selection by Darwin, Dawkins and Dr. Gould himself

Stephen C. Meyer a wealth of full text articles (mostly on intelligent design) from this notable author and Cambridge University professor

Unlocking the Mystery of Life website for the documentary film of the same name; features QuckTime movie clips illustrating the structure and operations of the cell nucleus, the DNA molecule, protein molecules, and the bacterial flagellar motor

The Vibrant Dance of Faith and Science aims at inspiring, educating and unifying pastors, scientists and others with the growing congruence of scientific discovery and the Christian faith; considers progressive-creationism, theistic-evolution and intelligent design

Y-Origins a handful of quotes, Q&As and short articles on intelligent design